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TikTok User Guide for Beginners

TikTok’s History

TikTok is a social media platform used by millions, where people can express themselves through short clips. It was first introduced in August 2014, as Musical.ly. It was changed to TikTok four years later, in August 2018. The app is now available on the App Store and on Google Play for free!

Features on TikTok

Users can watch others’ videos without a login required. You can find videos in almost any category such as Style, Recipe, Dance, Dogs or Cats, and Art.

So many celebrities from Debby Ryan and Addison Rae to Will Smith and Cardi B all have accounts on the app, and post almost daily.

If they want to create a video, they must make an account. There is a direct message feature for anyone over 16 years of age (you must enter your age when creating an account) to make it easier for users to communicate.

Probably to compensate for teenagers’ short attention spans, a TikTok clip is limited to under a minute. A user can choose whether they want their account to be public, where everyone has access to their videos, or private, where only those who have requested can see videos the user has made.

TikTok creates a “For You” page based on the videos the user has liked or interacted with. There is also a “Following” page to see the TikToks of people the user is following.

Making a TikTok at a party
Martin Lopez

Create a Video on TikTok

To create a TikTok, tap the plus button on the bottom of the screen. The user can choose if to use a background sound or not. There are tons of filters and effects to choose from, and your videos are extremely easy to edit.

Once you are done filming and editing, you can post the video! If you are not finished, that’s no problem! TikTok has a “Drafts” feature where all unfinished videos are stored so you can get back to your video later.

Find Your Pleasure in TikTok

There are endless ways to use TikTok. Creators use the platform to showcase art, perform music, promote their businesses, give fashion tips, share recipes, or just make people laugh!

Check out the following beginners Tutorial: