_bbgrill_ playing "Strawberry Cow" on her ukulele

“Strawberry Cow”, the Viral Sound on TikTok, Found its Way to Millions of Hearts

About the song

There’s nothing sweeter to hear and make your day than “Strawberry Cow”, an original part of a song by TikTok creator @_bbgrill_. The sixteen year old wrote it to acknowledge the themed Pillow Pets and Webkinz. The tune is based off of the song “Strawberry Blond”  by mitzki. The creator slightly changes its lyrics to create a wholesome melody! Her TikTok blew up with more than one million likes, and her song has been used in thousands of other TikToks.

_bbgrill_ playing "Strawberry Cow" on her ukulele
_bbgrill_ playing “Strawberry Cow” on her ukulele

How “Strawberry Cow” grew beyond TikTok

Since the TikTok was posted on June 19, it is still inspiring other creators. The song started being used as background music for lots of crafts! People have made paintings, clothing items, jewelry, and even crocheted stuffed plushes!

Strawbery Cow Crochet
LilCrochetCritters on Etsy

The theme also reached desserts and snacks! People are using the background music to decorate cakes, cookies, and even make themed boba! In addition, people are selling and buying these cute themed products all over the internet!

Strawberry Cow Charm
Pwuffy on Etsy
CitrusDollStudio on Etsy

Other creators continued the trend once they saw how big of a hit it was. They started making similar songs about a variety of different animals!

More recently, _bbgrill_ posted a TikTok with a karaoke version. She plays the ukulele while the lyrics pop up on screen to make it super easy to sing along!

Chorus Lyrics

“Look at you strawberry cow,
you make me go wow,
I love it when you moo my name.
Can you hear the bumblebees swarm?
I’m watching your horn,
I love it when you look my way.”

The creator decided to record the rest of it, after noticing how much fame her own creation was getting. Listen to the full song on SoundCloud!